Email hosting

At RQTech we are passionate about the Internet and associated technologies. Since electronic mail accounts for more than half of the total Internet bandwidth in use today, it is extremely important to us to provide the best possible email solution to our clients.

Virus Protection

RQTech has no alignment with any specific anti-virus vendor; instead we do continual research in order to find the best software available. At any one time, inbound messages are scanned by at least two different anti-virus engines.

Spam filter (Optional)

There are a number of reasons that promote the use of an external Spam filter, including the fact that Spam is stopped before it consumes any of your bandwidth. All blocked messages can be reviewed at your convenience and deleted or released accordingly. Our product is adaptive and alters itself based on the action you take on blocked messages.

Content Filter (Optional)

Along with ownership of an email domain, comes the liability of taking responsibility for whatever messages originate from said domain. Disclaimers can easily be disabled, or bypassed, and serve no significant purpose when published at the bottom of outgoing messages.

We can take care of all these headaches. Apart from ensuring that all your business’ messages originate from the correct source and adding proper disclaimers, we can also prevent delivery of outbound messages based on guidelines provided by you.

Archiving (Optional)

If required, we can archive all your inbound and outbound email, thereby ensuring that all messages can be recovered should the need arise.


Based on your exact needs, we can supply you with monthly or weekly reports regarding your email usage.

Website hosting

If you want to take part in the Internet as a business, information resource, directory, or as a hobbyist wanting to share data, information and knowledge with the many people and communities on the Internet, you have to contain this in a central spot on the Internet.

Web hosting empowers you and anyone with a computer and Internet connection to own a piece of cyberspace. In your space, you can have news, bulletins, documents, data, files (your web site) and your own post office (mail server) to accept mail, all in the context of you or your business. This is your space and to get this space you either have to own a piece of the physical internet with a network connection to the internet backbone and computer(s) operating as server(s) offering access to your files and post office, for people on the internet to view your web site or send and receive email with you.

The cost of owning a direct connection to the backbone and a server dedicated to a web site and email is out of reach for the average business and especially general members of the Internet. Even running a web site and mail server on your own computer when it is connected to the Internet requires a lot of technical ability and knowledge. The Internet itself has to be your business for either of these options to be viable.

In our modern society, for every person in business or with a career in most industries today, it is imperative to have a place in cyberspace, not just to be competitive but also to survive. Web hosting companies were born out of this great need to provide an environment for the masses to own a piece of cyberspace, to offer an environment where people could have their piece of cyberspace on the internet 24/7 without the great cost. Web hosting companies developed a model where they could split up areas on the servers connected to the backbone and ‘rent’ this space, cutting the costs across many people sharing the server and backbone connection to the Internet.

We can take care of all these headaches. Apart from ensuring that all your business’ messages originate from the correct source and adding proper disclaimers, we can also prevent delivery of outbound messages based on guidelines provided by you.

In a web-hosting environment, you are offered a web site to place your files, data, documents, and bulletins for people to access with their web browser and an email server for you to send and receive email messages.

The web host will also provide you a means to get an address for people to get to your web site with a web browser and post email to you.

To obtain space in a web hosting environment you become a member and agree to terms and conditions of renting the space – just as if you were to rent a house or commercial premises for your business. Once you agree and become a member, you are given an access code, a key, to your piece of cyberspace. This key, in the form of a login and password, allows you to connect to the web-hosting server and up-load (transfer to) your web site so it can be accessed on the Internet. Your login and password is also used to connect to a mail server to create and administer mailboxes to send and receive email for you, your staff, or family members.


SMS (Short Message Service) is a service for sending messages of up to 160 characters (224 characters if using a 5-bit mode) to mobile phones that use Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication. GSM and SMS service is primarily available in Europe and Africa. SMS is similar to paging. However, SMS messages do not require the mobile phone to be active and within range and will be held for a number of days until the phone is active and within range. SMS messages are transmitted within the same cell or to anyone with roaming service capability. They can also be sent to digital phones from a Web site equipped with PC Link or from one digital phone to another. Typical uses of SMS include:

Notifying a mobile phone owner of a voicemail message

Notifying a salesperson of an inquiry and contact to call

Notifying a doctor of a patient with an emergency problem

Notifying a service person of the time and place of their next call

Notifying a driver of the address of the next pickup

An SMS gateway is a Web site that lets you enter an SMS message to someone within the cell served by that gateway or that acts as an international gateway for users with roaming capability.

RQTech can provide your company with an SMS solution to suit your requirements.

Application Hosting

Application hosting is increasing in popularity as more companies look to make their applications available to customers, vendors and employees. An application server performs the function of controlling the application programs within computer systems.

The application server is often referred to as middleware as it is the link between the front-end of the computer system, also known as the graphical user interface, and the back-end databases. The front-end of most Internet-based systems is a web server that provides web pages to browsers.

RQTech is not an ASP that will load your applications onto a shared server, but if you need a dedicated server with applications managed, you have come to the right place. We will take the hassle out of ensuring your applications run at their peak performance, are always available and are secure. We realize an application server is different than a web server and that your applications may be unique, so we will talk with you to determine your exact requirements and tailor our services to meet your needs.

The monthly price for managed application hosting will depend on the equipment you require, whether it is a single server or cluster, and what proactive services are needed to keep the system operating properly. Hosted equipment can be put in cabinets or cages depending on the customer's requirements.

Managed dedicated server hosting is perfect for companies that need guaranteed system uptime and security, want the hosting company to provide, own and manage the equipment, and want a long term business relationship. RQTech will specify, procure, configure, protect, and manage your dedicated servers and network. We take the burden of keeping your system operating at its peak efficiency and its security up to date. RQTech has the technical expertise to meet your managed dedicated server hosting needs whether you need a single dedicated server or a complex cluster. We will select equipment to meet your budget now and configure it to easily expand as you grow.

Electronic Fax

Businesses can spend hours and hours of staff time each day sending and receiving faxes. The timely transmittal of key documents can, of course, be crucial to the successful operation of the company. It can also put a financial drain on a business that keeps adding new fax machines to handle its document load while adding more staff to run them.

We estimate it takes 10 minutes for a staff member to send a standard two-page fax manually. This includes printing the document, filling out the cover sheet, walking to and from the printer and fax machine, redialling due to errors and busy signals, waiting for the fax to finish, etc. That totals out to 1,000 minutes per day or 4,166.67 hours per year. Staff members earning R20 per hour would thus result in a labour cost of R83, 333.40 per year just in fax time. A firm sending 300 documents a day would triple the labour cost to over R250,000,00 per year.

Fortunately, recent advancements in technology have made it possible for businesses to eliminate many of the high costs associated with the manual faxing of documents. By utilizing an electronic faxing system, it is now possible to compile, document, store, send and receive faxes electronically “at the desktop.” The result is a great saving in both equipment purchase and staff time.

Electronic fax systems need not be difficult to install and are user friendly. Each member of the firm, or selected staff, has his or her own Direct Inward Dial (DID) number and fax box. Incoming messages are directed immediately into the recipients e-mail. Outbound messages can be sent directly from the desk of the employee

Once installed and in use, the savings can be substantial. Instead of a worker spending 1,000 minutes per day sending 100 faxes, we estimate it only takes 100 minutes per day to send the same 100 documents electronically. Instead of spending 4,166.67 hours per year faxing those documents manually, the same documents can be sent electronically in just 416.67 hours. Thus the annual labour costs for faxing have been reduced from over R83,000,00 per year to some R8,300, 00 per year, a savings of 1,000%.

Electronic faxing may not be appropriate for each and every small business. However, for most companies, an electronic faxing system can provide a substantial savings in fax equipment, a reduction in labour costs, and allow for more productive use of staff time.

Data Take-on

Document Scanning and Indexing

The headache while planning a Document Archive solution is what to do with the years of documents which are either stored in a warehouse or using much needed office space. Due to legislation, certain documents have to be kept for a period of time for audits and or legal purposes. With electronic archiving, the retention period is reduced, thus allowing a company to clear unwanted or unneeded documents from their storage

We provide a back-scanning service, adhering to strict legislation and providing you with your documents on searchable "WORM" media. We can perform this function either on-site or at our scanning bureau with a collection service.

Data Conversion

Quansim Technologies prepares your content for data bases, electronic publishing and the Web. We provide services to fine-tune your document conversion strategy, eliminate document redundancy, identify metadata, and prepare legacy and future documents for your true present and future needs.

Bulk Messaging

We offer a full service bulk messaging solution, whether you need to communicate by fax, email or SMS, we can provide the right solution at the most cost effective price and highest level of customer service.

Our Full service bulk emailing is a turnkey service where we will handle everything from the technical end of your bulk email marketing campaign and let you focus on your business.