Bespoke Development

Are your employees relying on paper lists, word documents, multiple Excel Spreadsheets and undocumented processes in their everyday work? Have you outgrown a piece of commercial or custom software that is no longer supported? Do you and your employees find yourself saying I wish this program did that? If so, then you have already taken the first step toward improving your business processes. Most businesses have so many opportunities to save money, streamline processes, and improve customer support, and they simply don't recognize that these opportunities exist. What makes us confident that we can help you improve your business' bottom line? They are just few things we have in-house, but they are worth a thousand other reasons.

Most of our clients are experts in their respective fields, but don't have in-depth knowledge of software development. It makes them apprehend that creating a custom program for their business will be a real headache for them. In effort to make you feel comfortable dealing with us, we employ a clear and natural process of custom application development, which allows you to participate in the development, and lets you easily understand where your application is every time.

RQTech can develop a custom software program for you, which will help control costs, utilize resources more effectively, respond to customers more rapidly, and reduce the amount of work people have to do by allowing them to work more efficiently. We provide analysis, design and development services around the custom software development of business applications as well as custom integration solutions between commercial off the shelf packages.

Our software and database professionals have extensive experience in developing custom business applications utilizing stand-alone, client/server, peer-to-peer, and Web-based architectures.
We offer strong data modeling and database design skills to develop customer applications, which meet your unique operations needs. We, at RQTech, can build an application that implements virtually any business functionality, including but not limited to:

Business Process Automation

Customer/Contacts Management

Human Resource Management

Accounting/Payroll Management

Point of Sales with complete Back office

Fleet Management System

Financial Information and Billing

Order Entry & Processing

Manufacturing-in-Process Information

Inventory Management

Marketing Information

Asset-Tracking Information

Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Resource Planning

Web Integration of Existing Applications

Search Engine Optimization

E-Commerce Application

Hotel Management System

Web Portals - E-Governance....

Human Resource Solutions.... (HR .. EHR..)

We can build you a custom application that computerizes your unique business practices and processes. Many of our customers come to us after finding that "off-the-shelf" solutions just don't do what they need the way they need. We build new applications from the ground up, or we can work with your existing systems to upgrade and expand their capabilities. RQTech has developed custom business applications for dozens of successful companies across a wide range of industries. Whatever type of organization you manage, and whatever your business automations needs are, we have the staff, experience, and tools to develop custom solutions that will meet your requirements. Most importantly, we'll do it at a price you can afford and faster than any other software company in your list. Establishing a conceptual and visual identity that corresponds to the defined direction of the company. Ensuring consistency across all media. Establishing corporate guidelines for cohesiveness of any future developments.

You may be wondering why you should invest money and time in custom software. Why wouldn't an off-the-shelf product be better? Think of how often you were loosing time or couldn't collect necessary information because programs you use don't do the things you need or don't do them the way you need. It is only natural that off-the-shelf programs do not meet your business needs efficiently and effectively. This is because they have to be all things to all people. As a result, your staff may find themselves working around features that your business neither wants nor needs, and lack functionality that is absolutely necessary at the same time. In addition, your employees may be spending a lot of time learning the ins and outs of all the different user interfaces. So what are the advantages of creating your own custom program?

A Perfect Fit

Custom software is tailored to suit your unique business needs. If you have ever built a new home you will recognize the value in customizing the blueprint. Participating in the creation, widening a door, moving a window or adding a light fixture provides you with a home that is more suited to your individual needs. RQTech’s custom application development services provide you with the same level of personalization. We start with our pre-made library of code as the blueprint and then, with you as part of our development team, create a truly personalized application that meets all of your business needs.

Increased Efficiency

Using one software program to manage all of your information and data requirements eliminates the needs for multiple system purchases, multiple system license agreements, multiple system maintenance demands and multiple system training. Combining the functionality of multiple systems into one custom designed application will reduce your software spending and system administration responsibilities.

Improved Accessibility and Reliability

Have you ever received information from a colleague after you needed it? Have you ever known someone who forgets to share information that could help close a deal or improve a process? Have you ever searched for information and couldn't find it? All of these situations can be reduced or eliminated using a customized enterprise wide software application. A common personalized system will improve the collection, accessibility and analysis of your business critical information. Sharing vital information across the organization will allow your employees to access it when they need it. Your sales executives will be able to check the level of inventory in the warehouse prior to making commitments during their meetings. Your production managers will receive orders in minutes, after they are placed and paid. Your CEO will review the most current sales data during the investor presentation. The ability to track and access information any time will provide your firm with greater returns and less headaches. If all them seems to be mind boggling, just forget every thing and send us the mail or call us. We are here to give you the perfect tailored solutions for your business.