Technical Support

Installation of Network Equipment
Configuring of Servers

Firewalls, Exchange, SQL, Intranet, Active Directory

Desktop Support

User Assistance, Virus Removal, Helpdesk, Network issues, Inventory

Ad-Hoc Support or Monthly Contracts

We have provided technical and IT support services for several years and have a team of professional and experienced technicians and IT system engineers that can ensure that if you have an IT problem, be it big or small... then the matter is resolved quickly and efficiently on-site with no fuss, to get you back up and running smoothly, so you can concentrate on the most important matter, running your business.

Perhaps you already have an IT manager, but just require additional technical support, then no problem we can do that too. Some small companies cannot afford a dedicated IT Manager and often reply on an internal staff member who is tasked with sorting out all manner of computer and communications issues, then here we can really begin to help you by providing the kind of professional IT support a growing business needs.

Small businesses in particular can benefit from our IT Support service, we can cover most aspects of technical operations, ranging from simple hardware or software issues through to OS and software applications. Taking care of all the software, computer, server, network and communication issues. Because we can quickly call upon specific expertise, your company benefits from instant access to specialist support technicians who are tasked with solving a particular problem, be it with a PC, server or laptop.

We like to think of this as "smart outsourcing" that benefits your business on several counts, with reduced fixed costs, quicker IT response time, and a wealth of support knowledge from a team of dedicated professionals, who can get things sorted... quickly.

Why not ask us for a detailed quotation for your business support requirements, choose from ad-hoc support, fixed monthly or annual contracts... whatever suits your business needs and budget, we are here to support your company 24/7.

Out-Sourced Solutions

In today’s high-tech world, few functions have greater impact on the success of a business than Information Technology. When effectively managed, IT can position companies as industry leaders, build strong relationships and offer a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We offer a wide range of consultative software and hardware solutions to meet companies’ Out-Sourced IT needs, which include:

Software installation and upgrades

Hardware installations and upgrades

Network installation and support

Server maintenance and support

Desktop maintenance and support

On-site technical support

Remote troubleshooting support

Preventative maintenance programs

Virus protection and remediation

Data backup and recovery strategies

Internet connectivity and security

Complete network administration

Network cabling

Additional services also available

At RQTech, we understand that IT has no value unless it helps to achieve strategic goals. Therefore, we strive to understand core business functions and the mission-critical IT challenges of our clients. Once we fully understand the nature of your business and how technology can best support that business, we serve as a trusted advisor, helping to accomplish short-term and long-term strategic business goals.

Whether this requires network infrastructure, data management, security or project management, we offers the hardware, software and technology expertise required to succeed in today’s high-tech business environment.

When companies partner with RQTech, they can say with confidence:

Our IT system does work

Our IT system does fit our business

Our IT system does help our people perform their jobs more effectively

Microsoft Licensing Planning

by a certified Microsoft Licensing Officer

Disaster Recovery Planning (Backups Onsite or Off-site)

Did You Know...? 64-70% of businesses that has major fires never recover. The primary reason for failure is the loss of vital business records. One of the most important roles undertaken by a Systems Administrator is that of backup and recovery of backed up information. Another important task is their ability to recover from a disaster.

Unfortunately, backups and recovery only represent a small part of the tasks of the systems administrator with respect to preserving system availability. Another major factor in maintaining the availability of the system is disaster recovery planning.

We know that we face disasters and disaster recovery is a major part of reducing those risks to an acceptable level. We cannot prevent disasters from happening and we cannot control the type of disaster – it may simply be a user who has accidentally deleted files through to a fire in the computer room. It is possible to take steps to minimise the risk by installing fire protection equipment, etc. but this will rarely reduce it to an acceptable level. For instance it may reduce the chances of loosing the data to fire but, you could still loose the data to theft.

Most organizations will have a hardware and software maintenance contract in place. Software contracts will cover you for new versions of the operating system and bug fixes to the present. Hardware maintenance contracts will cover any failures of the hardware and subsequent new parts. Your insurance policies will cover you for loss or damage to the computer equipment. What none of these will cover you for is the use of equipment whilst yours is being repaired or replaced. In some instances repair and replacement of the computer equipment can take a considerable period of time (over a week) – especially in the case of total loss. In such circumstances it is possible for the organization to go out of business before the equipment has been delivered.

The subject of Disaster Recovery is designed to plug the gap between the provision of such insurance and contracts and the needs of your business. However, disaster recovery is only as good as your last backup.

Don't forget 90% of disaster recovery planning involves backups, and that backups are the only way that you can protect your data - you must backup regularly. Please bear in mind that backups cannot be undertaken piecemeal - make it someone's responsibility on their job description or else it just won’t happen.

Equally as important as taking backups is to regularly test those backups - a backup is only as good as its test - you must always test a backup.

RQTech can help you with your DRP.

Budget Planning

RQTech will assist your representative who is involved in budget planning to ensure that your future expenses are realistic and achievable.